In 1919, Kim’s grandfather, Peter Frederich “Fred” Wahlen, cleared the rocks and sage brush off the small plot of land in the Aberdeen, Idaho area that would become his family farm. Fred had a love of farming which he passed on to Kim through, Kim’s father, Chester. Following in Fred’s footsteps, Kim started his own farming operation in 1980 and now farms with his son, Tanner. Kim, one of the original founders of Pleasant Valley Potato, is always applying the latest technologies and practices to grow excellent potatoes.




Val Wahlen started farming on his own in 1984 with the help of his father, Chester. After 5 years he took over the reins completely and, through hard work and the application of the latest technology, has grown some of the area’s best potatoes ever since. He enjoys farming with his children Ladd and Wade, and also his daughter Kelsey, who is involved with the bookkeeping of his operation. Val is one of the original founders of Pleasant Valley Potato and is proud of its accomplishments.




Barry Christensen is a third generation farmer who started his operation in 1963. Barry is a hard-working farmer, who appreciates the time spent farming with family. His son, Thane, helps run the farm and his grandson, Nick, is also involved in the operation, completing five generations of efficient farming. The combination of generations of farming knowledge and a strong family work ethic has allowed the Christensen family to produce some of the best potatoes in the area year after year. The Christensen’s have been partners in Pleasant Valley Potato for more than 10 years.




In 1980, Ray Duffin started farming in the Aberdeen, Idaho area. Ray’s grandfather moved to the area in 1910 and became the first of many generations of farmers in his family. Ray farms with his son, Philip, who represents the fifth generation of the Duffin family farming in Aberdeen. Ray believes there is no substitute for being in the field each day. His “hands-on” approach to farming has delivered a high quality crop year after year. Ray has been a partner in Pleasant Valley Potato for more than 15 years.