We're All Geared Up

Our potatoes begin their lives simply, but by the time they arrive on your shelf or table, they've been put through a pretty extensive handling process. Pleasant Valley's new facility offers the latest packaging technology, with optimal flexibility to meet your needs. From a computerized grading and sizing system to state-of-the-art consumer packaging capabilities, we're geared towards ultimate buyer satisfaction.


When Pleasant Valley Potato upgraded its facility, we integrated computer-controlled camera graders and sizers, which grade each potato and assure tighter size range, producing the highest quality pack available.

Highest Standards

Pleasant Valley Potato participates in Third Party Auditing by the American Institute of Baking with a superior rating while achieving the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and good manufacturing practices.

Flexible Options

Our computerized bagging and carton pack technology allows us to offer virtually every packaging option available. In addition to our own brands, we also provide private labeling, as well as couponing and Kwik-Lok™ packaging services.

The end result? A menu of options that is unsurpassed in the industry.

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  • Freshness

    Once the potatoes leave the field, they enter computerized, climate-controlled storage cellars, where they are monitored daily. Specialized loading and transportation machinery ensures each spud is handled with care.

  • Quality

    Growing our own potatoes lets us better assure quality. Fields are inspected daily for water management and nutrient levels, and we utilize the latest technology in planting and harvesting equipment.

  • Supply

    We dedicate thousands of acres of land, so we always have an abundant, constant supply of potatoes.